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Fall 2011, Jesse Delille, Past Students

It’s easy to believe in tourism with the sand, surf and sun of San Diego

By Jesse Delille

Downtown san diego at night from coronado

Downtown San Diego at night

There are many perks to living in San Diego, from the weather, to the beaches, to the malls, theme parks and miserable professional sports teams. But hey, it’s better than living in Cleveland where not only are the sports teams atrocious, but it’s also freezing. It’s also better than living in Virginia where there are no professional sports teams.

The point is San Diego has a lot to offer and benefits greatly from the tourism industry. According to Jesse Dixon, a professor of recreation at San Diego State University, tourism is San Diego’s third biggest industry.

From Jess Ponting, SDSU professor of recreation and sustainability:

  •  Thirty-two million visitors per year spend $7.7 billion in San Diego
  •  11.4% of total regional economic production comes from visitors
  • Visitors account for $430 million in tax revenues to San Diego city and county

Ponting says there are many reasons why tourists are attracted to San Diego.

“Great climate, great natural and man-made attractions, excellent hotels, restaurants … Perhaps the best beer city in the world,” Ponting said .

Craft Beer in San Diego

San Diego has built a reputation as a destination for beer enthusiasts from all over the globe. In fact in 2009 San Diego won more awards for its beer than Germany at the World Beer Awards. Dennis Borlek, a local home brewer since 1989, has a passion for beer and loves how the micro brewing industry in San Diego has become a tourist attraction of its own.

Craft beer has become popular in San Diego, home brewer Dennis Borlek explains how this can benefit the city

Borlek also said he loves the diversity that has appeared from this beer culture, and down at Hamilton’s, where he works as a bartender, he says the women are starting to outnumber the men (catch that gentlemen?).

Other San Diego Attractions

San Diego has theme parks all around the county and include Sea World, LEGOLAND, San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Old Town and Balboa Park are also popular land marks in San Diego and show a little of the city’s history and Mexican culture and influence. Balboa Park is an especially beautiful place that tourists enjoy visiting.


Angelica Flores explains why she enjoys working in Balboa Park and why she thinks it’s worth it for people to come and visit

San Diego is an appealing tourist attraction for people from all over the world, but the city could still do more to take advantage of the tourism industry and further benefit its economy.

“Branding San Diego may help it be more appealing to tourists,” said Hidemi Oshino, an exchange student from Japan. “Other major sightseeing places always have the publicity of where to visit and what to do, whereas San Diego doesn’t really have (that).”

San Diego’s tourism is flourishing, but there is always room for improvement.



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